Sustain Peddle

title: "The Sustainability Peddle"
author: "David Eccles"
date: "28 Juli 2017"
output: html_document

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## Problem / Bounty

This project was created to address the problem outlined by Sustainable New Zealand:

> Best tool, visualisation, artwork or story that uses open data to depict/track New Zealand’s progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The project solution will be presented in the form of a Shiny App which displays the progress towards each goal.

* A requirement of the bounty is that the solution *ONLY* uses data listed on

* Periodic data / time data will be used, both to provide a consistent user experience, and to make it easier to manage the datasets (i.e. a consistent *developer* experience). This may reduce the ability of the available data to capture a particular goal.

* Multiple datasets may be applicable to a single goal. For the purpose of this GovHack, at most one dataset will be used per goal (and possibly none).

1. The user is presented with a screen containing icons for all 17 goals
1. The user picks one of the goals
1. A graph is displayed showing how that goal is progressing over time

Team name
Gringene Bioinformatics
State, Territory or Country
Event location
Datasets used
Dataset Name
Household Living-costs Price Indexes
Dataset Name
Class 4 Gambling Expenditure by Quarter and District
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