TransApp aims to make every space and place accessible to the world. With the Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018 happening during the Easter Holidays, the population in the area will double. 1.5 million people are expected to flood the area from around Australia and internationally. This means we need to 

a) help those who aren't familiar with English as their first language

b) help those who aren't familiar with the area get from A to B

Our solution is a chatbot which translates how you can get from one location to another. By identifying a location, using real time transport data, weather forecast, and safety considerations, we help the user every step of the way through instant visuals and messages online. 

Bots are the new apps. The power of the natural language processor, software that processes and parses human language, creates a simple and universal means of interacting with technology. We are buliding a customer service that never sleeps and linking this with Facebook's 1.65 billion users. 

This means that we are:

1. Personalised - providing translation and visual guides using artificial intelligence and machine learning

2. Scalable - any event attracting international attendees can plug in the 'TransApp'. Eg Commonwealth Games TransApp, Rugby League World Cup TransApp, and Australian Open TransApp

3. Marketable - is able to be plugged on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Viber and Skype to name a few to leverage untapped automated marketing capabilities

Watch our video to find out more!! 

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The Diverse Dumplings
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City of Gold Coast
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Grid Forecasts API
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HERE APIs & SDKs for maps, location, navigation
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State Tourism Satellite Accounts, 2015-16
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Brisbane Bus Stop locations
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Brisbane City Council events
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Brisbane City Council Events locations
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Brisbane events in Korean (행사)
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Business Events in Brisbane
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Gold Coast Geospatial Data Portal
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