Ultimately the app aims to improve customer experience and comfort on NSW trains by providing in-depth information of platform structure and human congestion on trains.

The feature of the application entails...

  • Custom selection of most suitable platform entry / exit point when boarding or coming off train.
  • Prediction models to determine human congestion in a train based on timetable and
  • Provide rating levels that indicate travel comfort for a given train

Why we chose to build this...

  • Improve travel experience
  • Reduce daily work-stress by minimise customer walking distance on platform providing easier commuting on and off the train 
  • Increase travel comfort by having the information to pinpoint less packed trains, improving the chances of finding a seat. This also reduces daily work-stress such as by allowing customers to rest on their commute home after a long day of walk. 
  • Enhance commuter crowd flow in station platforms

Who is this application for...

  • Daily Commuters
  • Tourist / Passengers New To the Station / Families
  • Elderly / Disabled


About the data we've reused and How you've reused it

Core Application (Timetable, Route Selection, Station Maps)

  • e.g. (Station Maps, Public Transport Time (Static and Realtime Data)

Predictive Modeling

  • Tap On Tap Off 
  • Train Occupancy


  • Bureau of Meteorology Grid Forecasts API

We also used other dataset and performed exploratory analysis in an attempt to glean valuable insights.

How does the project satisfy the prize categories you have selected?

Open Data and Congestion Insights: 

  • Providing richer insights into NSW transport demand and congestion, its causes and correlations.
  • Finding out the best times to travel with less congestion
  • Providing better, more comfortable, efficient solutions to travelling on the trains

Innovation using the NSW Data

  • Creating value for NSW citizens eby using NSW government datasets by improving daily commute and making them happier workers.

Places hack

  • Demonstrateing a way to cultivate more smarter cities and more productive people partly due to more satisfied travelling to work.
  • Enhancing open data by providing platform metadata.


Team name
Fantastic 8
State, Territory or Country
Event location
Datasets used
Dataset Name
Opal Tap On and Tap Off
Dataset Name
Opal Tap On and Tap Off Release 2
Dataset Name
Train Occupancy - Nov 2016 to Feb 2017
Dataset Name
Bureau of Meteorology Grid Forecasts API
Dataset Name
Train Occupancy - Nov 2016 to Feb 2017
Dataset Name
Timetables Complete GTFS
Dataset Name
Public Transport - Timetables - For Realtime
Video URL (YouTube/Vimeo)