Maps of the future, for the city of the future.


The Problem:

The current map viewer for the HCC 3 Waters assets, requires alot of setup to get the information you need.

Clicking lables, hiding legends, making sure you select the right layer to search on, there are a multitude of steps you need to take to just view a map.

My App:

I've rewritten the map viewer, using the latest version of the ArcGIS js API.
I've added functionality for spinning the map, and made the UI UX way easier to use on mobile.

Things I wanted to achieve but couldn't :

    Due to the dataset I used not being HTTPS, I could not implement geolocation, as the API requires HTTPS for the track, and locate functions to be used.
Better Performance
    My app lags a little , compared to the other one. 
More Baselayers
    Having the road parcel would be nice
Using MapImageLayer
    I would kill to have used mapimagelayer instead of portal items.

Team name
Jackest & Alison
State, Territory or Country
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Datasets used
Dataset Name
HCC AGOL Endpoint
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