vélo [noun, french]

    bike, cycle


city [noun]

    a large town.


VéloCity [noun]

An app that finds optimal routes when traveling by bicycle.


Riding a bike isn't just about getting from one place to another, it's about what you experience on the way. VéloCity aims to provide a bounding connection between a city, its people, and its bicycles.

We understand that users do not just want the most direct route to their destination, but also the ability to choose routes that maximise their safety or direct them through places of interest. VéloCity uses the latest data collected in the ACT region to alert riders of areas with high accident and speeding rates, and to inform riders of important or interesting sites as they travel. 

Cyclists can choose their destination by using our intuitive auto-complete search interface and select between the safest, fastest, shortest and most scenic routes. Riding a bike should make you feel free and relaxed, not dangerous.

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