What is it

Data. Data is everywhere. Which means there are answers everywhere. But only those in the business of data have the know-how to access those answers. So how can public awareness of data be raised to create a more knowledgeable and transparent society?


Vivid Sydney is the world’s biggest festival of light, music and ideas. It had a record 2.31 million visitors in 2016, of which 184k travelled to Sydney and generated a total tourism spend was $110 milion. This event is loved by a wide demographic and they enjoy the artists fine creations… but what if those amazing creations could now tell a data story? Create an engaging experience that Vivid is famous for and make participants learn something new about the world around them? Data that was once stored away on hard drives and a far corner of the internet has now have an opportunity come to the front and tell an amazing story.



Introducing VisualEyes. VisualEyes is a paired App and a rich Vivid experience that through crowdsourcing and gamafying information and pairing it with NSW government datasets allows the user to play a trivia-like game and influence the data and visulisations that is projected before them.

Through the game, there are 3 simple steps.


1) users answer questions related to these datasets, for example, how many trips are made on Sydney trains in a week.

2) Responses are then aggregated, and

3) these aggregated responses are projected alongside the real answers and are visualised as a light projection.


Whilst waiting for responses to be aggregated, the app loading page shows additional statistics and facts (also related to NSW government datasets) and posts made by other participants about Visualeyes on social media.


People and getting involved:

We are hoping to engage those who are Visiting Vivid. Last year there was approximately 2.31Million. These could consist of:

  1. Foot Traffic.

  2. Those who have the official app and found out about our display through that.

  3. Through Social media posts, SEO, and other generated content.

  4. Through the channels already publicised through Vivid.

  5. There may be a chance of winning the Guiness World record for the Most contributions to an interactive rating-system display. We are hoping that this will be a big drawcard.

Assets :

User interaction - Flow diagram, app prototype, VIVID protection screens

VIVID projection:


App prototype

Users can take part at the site (viewing the projections) and from anywhere (in App) - The screens shown to users run in Sync

Features of the app and VIVID Projection Visualisaton:

  • View the Question   - App and Projection

  • Select the answer they think is right - App

Functional prototype (without aesthetics)


Password: ve

During the hackathon we also have an online interactive prototype to where the user can view questions, select answers, see an animation and view the answer. It also stores the scores of the user.

Social media marketing material

Social media will be integral part of advertising. Able to share to Facebook and other channels within Visualeyes app.

Users encoruage to share throughout with #VisualEYES as they take part in an attempt to break a world record for "Most contributions to an interactive rating-system display"


Market Validation

This has never been done to this on this scale. Audience input and showing data accordingly has been created by the UTS Data Arena, however this is only available to a special few. There will always be visitors to Vivid, we are hoping to take a fresh approach and use real data to form these visualisations to give meaning, insights and something that an audience member can relate to. Right now there is a slight feeling of ‘yep seen that already’ at Vivid. By generating this type of new content, we ensure that the tourism dollars return year on year and give people a fresh reason to .


For users to view more information about the app, the Visualisation and to take part in the world record!


Demo (screenshots & explanation)



  1. Sandbox

  2. App prototype:


  4. VIVID projection:

  5. UserFlow:

  6. Raising awareness:

  7. Functional prototype (without aesthetics):

  8. Guiness world record:

Team photos:

Video URL (YouTube/Vimeo)