Climate conditions across Australia keeps changing with time.  These changes could have a huge impact on Australia's economy if not properly handled.

"Certainly across most of southern Australia, the projections of the future are for warmer and drier conditions, so when we experience warm and dry conditions, growing those crops, canola, wheat, barley etc will be more challenging in the future," -Steve Crimp, climate application scientist at CSIRO.

Putting a stop to changes in weather conditions wouldn't be in our hands. However, its always possible to  make the right decision at the right time and utilise these changes to make something better out of it.

WeatherGo is a website that uses historical weather data to help people in decision making in their  business.  A farmer needs to know how the temperature and soil moisture will vary in coming months. This would help him to decide what kind of crops to grow. High temperature or intensive rainfall could effect the grazing land available across Australia, which in turn could effect the Australian livestock industry. Farmers need to be prepared and make decisions before anything goes wrong.Developing infrastructures in areas, where rise in temperature could result in bush-fires , could be a bad decision.  

WeatherGo will look through the relevant parameters and guide people in deciding what to do next. Its a decision making tool build to help farmers and builders across Australia.

Techinical Stuff:

Uses Django framework to develop the application. Data is stored in sqlite 3 datbase.