On average 8,000 people migrate to our cool little capital each year. Many of these people come from overseas and come for a range of reasons.

So what if there was a way to determine the best place to live in Canberra for you? And we’re not simply talking about the north or south but based on what you like to do on the weekend, how far you want to live from work or even your dislike of cats wandering through your yard! And what if you could access all this data in single place and in a user-friendly way?

Well now there is through the Where2B_CBR app.

From Bonner to Banks, the Where2B_CBR app recommends the best suburb for you to live in based on what’s important to you and is for those who already call Canberra home too.

While the data is available in variety of platforms, the information is not accessible to many.  The app bridges the gap between the need and the actual information. We have considered variety of data sources including those from ACT such as community facilities, bus stop locations, educational institutes, parks, sport facilities and others. The data is aggregated to provide comparable metrics that can be readily used by the app in conjunction with the user inputs. A trade-off analysis provides  recommended set of suburbs that can be evaluated by the users.

The app can be further improved by use of right technology including spatial analysis, mapping software and use of VR or AR to supplement user experience.

Award category:

A picture is worth a thousand words  - We think this is a fun way to visualise data that is previously hidden away on government service.

Best data mashup - We have considered more than 9 data sets and brought these together to communicate a single theme about where you should live.

Best data wrangling - We produced some custom indexes such as ratio of bus stops per square kilometer for each suburb.

Best location based hack - The majority of our datasets use ACT location based data.

Community / Liveability hack - The app is identifies the best place for someone to live based on personalised input from data including community safety data, public transport, religion, region of birth and location of community facilities.

First Hackers - Three out of four team members are first time hackers.

Make me laugh hack - we hope the video speaks for itself.

Transport hack - We used ACT bus stop location data and created an index of the concentration of bus stops per square kilometer per suburb.



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Bus stop locations (calculated based on catesian coordinates)
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