Wont someone please think of the GovHack administrators

While we are all here working on saving the world with new uses of these data sets, has anyone thought about our GovHack administrators and how we can use data to improve their lives??? Well one thing we can do is use our awesome skills to give them some time back.  Well while we were building an app to help Learner drivers, the Oakton team also was checking out how GovHack's socials were going.  So instead of just considering it as wasted time, we have packaged it up as another project and offered it up for judging and let you the GovHack administrators keep the information.

So what do you get,  well you get an R script that will automate a query to Twitter so you can:

  • Build a network map of social champions,
  • Undertake rudimentary sentiment analysis of these tweets,
  • Create a word cloud and term document matrix for the tweets, and
  • capture all tweets for the desired hashtag for later analysis

This will let you show your sponsors their return on investment, as well as automating the work of evaluating how successful the event was.

All this and more will come to you with this little script.  Just add your Twitter authorisation and remember to run it close after the event, because we cannot afford access to the Twitter archive.

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