WynBot is a multipurpose all in one virtual assistant which can greatly be an alternative for visually challenged people. Maps are great but they do not fully benefit a visually challenged person interacting with the computer via screen reader, voice synthesizer and keyboard, since the graphic part of the information is lost. This is where this Chat Bot comes into rescue. Visually challenged can directly interact with the bot like a live conversation with any other person and the Chat Bot's response can be fed directly into screen readers and voice synthesizers.

WynBot seamlessly integrates Natural language processing (an Artificial Intelligence technology) that can very much instigate a feel of a live conversation.  

Wynbot can create a highly personalised service similar to how a receptionist would welcome a person. Wynbot can also be made to understand voice and the bot can respond in a voice (currently this feature is not in WynBot but can be easily integrated) greatly helping aged people with less web literacy. In Websites, People try to find what they need in matter of seconds. Not everyone is patient to browse through the entire website to find a waste collection day. But with WynBot you just tell what you need it brings the results straight away within a second.

WynBot provides a highly personalised used interaction such as;

  1. WynBot can get you the next bin collection date
  2. Book hard waste collection for a user
  3. Can tell you Weather in Wyndham
  4. Information about Wyndham
  5. Weather in any Wyndham suburb
  6. Toilets in any Wyndham suburb
  7. Community Centres in any Wyndham suburb
  8. Smart Bins in any Wyndham suburb
  9. Free Wifi locations in any Wyndham suburb
  10. Child Care centres in any Wyndham suburb
  11. Kindergartens in any Wyndham suburb
  12. Libraries in any Wyndham suburb
  13. Sports grounds in any Wyndham suburb
  14. Dog off lead areas in any Wyndham suburb

WynBot can also be easily extended to other functionalities of Wyndham Council. One day I believe WynBot would take over the entire Wyndham Website as it is quite evident on what it can achieve with the above mentioned functionalities.

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