WyndhamEyeWyndhamEye is a realtime online platform for Wyndham city community members to raise important issues for their neighbourhood.

Each issue logged by a user can be voted by other members to rate the priority and validate the problem. Council can demonstrate all the reports that have been resolved showing Wyndham listens. 

This engaging platform is gamified to incentivise the community to contribute to reporting to reduce costs of area monitoring and surveying from council members and avoids the need to invest in major technological infrastructure of IOT sensors to do the same job.

Users can log in create an account and it can help provide better community safety and integration.

The categories members can report are:

  • Repair and Maintenance: Lights Out, Potholes, Damaged Fencing or footpath, graffiti, walls.
  • Plant and Environmental: Plant overgrowth, toxic plants, falling trees, mowing required, algae, bushfire hazard
  • Water: Flooding, Water Pollution, drought, 
  • Hazardous/Suspicious: Suspicious activity, homeless issues, drug and alcohol areas, break ins
  • Lost/Found: Lost or found pets, items, abandoned vehicles.
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